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Advocate for a No-Kill Animal Shelter

Concho Valley PAWS supports efforts towards making San Angelo a "No Kill" city. Across the nation shelters are learning that the No Kill Movement saves lives and tax-payer dollars.

The Present Facts

The City of San Angelo reported that 11,587 live cats and dogs entered the San Angelo Animal Shelter in FY 2009-2010. Of those, 9,618 were destroyed. Less than 17% of the animals that entered the shelter were released alive. (City of San Angelo Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Operating Budget Report, p. 225-226).

The numbers of cats and dogs killed annually have increased steadily each year. In 2006, a reported total of 6,663 dogs and cats were euthanized. (City of San Angelo Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Operating Budget Report, Actual FY 2006 p.198).
Comparatively, the number of cats and dogs put to death has increased over 44% in only 3 years.

What It Costs Now

Revenue to operate the Animal Control Division of the City of San Angelo Health Services is obtained from the “general fund”. The division does not have significant revenue stream and operates at a half-million dollar deficit annually. The operational budget for the San Angelo Animal Shelter and Animal Control increased from a $602,589 in 2006 to a budget of $760,197 for the fiscal year of 2009-10. This is an increase of $157,608 taxpayer dollars in just 3 years. (City of San Angelo Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Operating Budget Report, Actual FY 2006 p.198; City of San Angelo, Budget for FY 2010-2011 p9). As presented to Council in September of 2010, the projected budget for operations in 2012 is $755,513. (City of San Angelo, Budget Preparation worksheet for FY 2011-2012, September 2011).

Approximately $64 out of every $100 in this buget is used for the euthanization of animals - this is unacceptable. There is a better way.

San Angelo Among the Highest Kill Rates

Animal control kills approximately 83% of the cats and dogs that enter the shelter facility. Our municipal shelter has one of the highest kill rates per capita in the state of Texas. In comparison, Harris County’s municipal shelter has a kill rate of 81%. But other municipal shelters show us that kill rate reductions are possible such as Montgomery County with a reduction from 72% to 44%. And of course, Town Lake Austin Shelter is symbolic of Texas shelter success euthanizing less than 10% of their total intake. They have achieved “No Kill” status for over a year now, which means that they do not euthanize “adoptable pets”. The 4,011 cats and dogs euthanized at Town Lake Shelter last year were determined to be unadoptable due to instances of health, temperament, disease and injury. (“High Kill Harris County”;, July 11, 2011).

What Can Be Done

The animal population problem this community is challenged with is not unique. Communities across the nation have rallied together to do better. We can, too.

Research and failed attempts show that we cannot “kill” or “legislate” our way out of this problem. We must look at ethical, humane alternatives and address the issues at their source.

First we have to identify and agree that this is a community-wide problem that belongs to all of us. Everyone must be a part of the solution.

There will not be any significant cost savings up front. It will take a combined effort on the part of animal advocacy groups and the city to educate and raise awareness.

We must change people’s attitudes towards pets. We must encourage shelter pet adoptions, spay and neuter practices and responsible pet ownership.

Please sign our petition to let our City Council, Community Leaders and the Citizens of San Angelo know that voters and tax-payers CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE. Concho Valley PAWS supports efforts towards educating our community to reduce the number of adoptable animals euthanized every year, continuing our pet adoption efforts and humane education programs. Please let them know that you support these same efforts.

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