Samsung must STOP ignoring s20 plus display issues

Samsung must STOP ignoring s20 plus display issues

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Dipali Vasani started this petition to Samsung

The Issue:

Samsung India Refuses to Acknowledge Display Issues on Flagship S20 Plus - 1000’s of Users Affected! 

Many S20 Plus users, especially in India are seeing vertical lines appear on their Samsung Flagship.

The fact that 1000s of users are reporting this issue all at once cannot be a mere coincidence, all this started around February, the same time as when Samsung pushed out a software update, and ever since, more and more users have been reporting seeing green, pink and white lines on their screens.

Here’s a link to Samsung’s own Community Forum where there are literally 100s of posts from unfortunate users and this list is growing every single day! See it for yourself -

Samsung’s response to this has been very unprofessional with service centers commonly blaming users for physical damages, even when there were none - A scratch here and a scratch there is common for anyone who’s ever used a phone - how can something like that be used to dismiss 1000’s of display issues? 

So far Samsung has only been reaching out to any users who’ve spoken up on Twitter and have managed to get a few likes or retweets - even in those cases, Samsung reps have refused to acknowledge the issue, instead insisting that it’s an isolated incident and trying to force users into paying anywhere between 15,000 - 20,000 Rupees (more than 70% the resale value of the phone today) just to get the display replaced.

Now, I understand mistakes happen - it’s happened with other brands in the past as it will again in the future - but when a mistake has been made, a brand, especially one as big and well respected as Samsung, NEEDS to take responsibility and do their best to resolve it.

Instead, what we’ve gotten so far is borderline harassment… having to take time off on a work day to go to a service center, deal with the long wait times only to finally talk to a callous technician who tries his best to make you believe it’s your fault… this really isn’t what someone buying a flagship phone from a reputed brand like Samsung expects to go through. 

So as an affected consumer, I request your support - Please SIGN this petition, let’s let brands know they cannot brush this under the rug - 20,000 rupees might not be much for a brand like Samsung but it sure means a lot to the consumer who has already paid 70,000 for the phone! 

The louder our voices get, the less they will be able to ignore it - Sign the petition, share it if you can, and together, let’s get Samsung to finally do what they should have done in the first place, take responsibility for their actions and DO THE RIGHT THING

Big platforms like Cashify and Flipkart is also not allowing s20 plus for exchange!

P.S - It’s a little ironic that the same brand that refuses to fix display issues they created in India, is currently offering $50 screen replacements for accidental damage in the United States!

Expected Resolution:

Samsung acknowledges the display issue and repairs it for free or gives everyone a fair discount(80% as per the United States campaign). 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!