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Unlock Boot Loaders for S7 & S7 Edge - All Future Phones As Well

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Many years ago the #booloadergate happened and this was with AT&T and Verizon at the time T-Mobile was winning customers back and they did just that. Locking the boot loaders on the S7 and S7 Edge not only cripples the device and puts it in doom but it will make 1000's of people leave Samsung and T-Mobile we are apart of a Development community who prides ourself's on making things better.

Locking our paid devices down is not the way to go. You are telling us that Android OS no longer open to develop and change. This is not how Google wants it. Android is an OS which is meant to Modified.

Unlocking the boot loaders will stop the push from the deployment community and users at Tmobile will not be trading there devices in and or leaving the company. John has made tweets to us however we have not heard back and we have a short time due to the policies with t mobile and device returns.

Adding all Future phones as well we hit our goal of 1000 we will continue to fight this until the makers understand that taken away the ability to modify an android devices is not what Google wants for Android. 

We make things better, Faster, Secure, We can ensure that a device has tip top notch use before it even goes to the masses on ROMS we create. This is a fight that needs to be known in the public eyes we will continue to push until we here from SAMSUNG and or other markers and there stand on this topic at hand.

I am proud to say i am a developer and this is a stand we take seriously

My name on the XDA forums is Ice5192 

And I approve this message.

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