Tyzen on Samsung than android

Tyzen on Samsung than android

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Started by Sounak Bhowal

Samsung should use tyzen on phone because:

  • Using tyzen os will reduce malware and hacking attacks on phones.
  • Tyzen os will be a part of samsung ecosystem.
  • Tyzen is will be cleaner and safer
  • Companies like google won't be able to track and log everything on your phones
  • Tyzen is will be maintained by samsung themselves hence phones will be more secure and bug free
  • Camera quality will no longer be bad as apps would be developed particularly for a os and phones like in ios
  • Tyzen is will make samsung phones unique
  • More features will be added as phones will be optimized more
  • Samsung exynos chips will be used efficiently as the os will be designed for samsung exynos.
6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!