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Petitioning Samsung Trying To Block The Blind Access To Apple Products!

Stop The Attack On The Blind And Allow Access To Technology


Hello All,

samsung recently filed a petition in Germany to have Apple products banned over a feature called Voice Over. For those of you who don't know what Voice Over is, it is a feature on Apple products which allows the blind community access to technology. This should be important to all because Apple has most advanced accessibility features for the blind community.
Luckily the judge in the case has blocked this temporarily. This dispute is over a patent which Samsung says Apple violated. This is an attempt by Samsung to hurt Apple's pocketbook. However the only people who will be hurt are the blind community. Just for your information; Samsung does not include the accessibility features in their products that Apple does. They are a company that doesn't necessarily believe in advancing the quality of life for the disabled community.
This was important to Steve Jobs. Apple still strives for excellence here, even after his passing.
I am imploring you to sign this petition and have your friends and family sign. Please let Samsung know it is not a good move to deny access to technology. Tell them you won't buy their products if they don't support inclusiveness for ALL.
Thank you for supporting the blind community and disabled all over the world!

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