Samsung To Change Major Software Update Policy From 2 to 4 Years!

Samsung To Change Major Software Update Policy From 2 to 4 Years!

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Techno Garri
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We, the users of Samsung products, know that the company offers 2 major software updates for their smartphones.

So it turns out, that the company produces "smartphones of the future", which in two years become smartphones of the past.

And when the context is “$1000 phones and rising”, then it’s not just bad, it’s terrible.

Dear Samsung, we believe that your phones are capable functioning well of more than two years of life. Galaxy S8/Note8 and many others won't receive the update while a Galaxy A40 will. Where is the logic?

It is called "planned obsolescence" so that in order to get the latest software version you need to upgrade after 2 years, but the devices themselves aren’t obsolete. Imagine buying a new laptop every 2 years, you wouldn’t would you?

2 years support is totally inadequate when you are spending over $1000 on a device. It's a hard earned money for us and we want to be treated with respect.

Even if we update our phones every 2 years, we pass the old phones to our parents or relatives or smal kids, so we effectively get 4 years usage from each phone.

That's why we consider Samsung should give out at least 4 major updates for their flagship phones after they go on sale.

Sign this petition to show Samsung how important it is for us!