Samsung, please prepare phone at least so good like S7!

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Samsung S7 phone was released in 2016 and provided unique combination of features, which were not repeated in later Samsung (flagship) models.

Current company strategy unfortunately is connected with removing some features (or providing them in low-cost or medium-class devices only).

We believe, that many people are expecting device, which will be not only compact, but also very useful in daily work... and not worse in terms of features than "old" S7.

Samsung, please release S7 Neo with:

  1. sharp flat screen (100% flat like in S7) without any holes and with big PPI (around 570 or more)
  2. low radiation (original S7 Duos had maximally 0.406 W/Kg and 0.621 W/Kg, S20 family has got second value equal ca. 1.52 W/Kh, which is 2.44x more)
  3. FM radio (this is included in low models) and/or DAB+ radio
  4. 3,5 mm jack (this is included in low models)
  5. size almost equal to S10e and battery not worse than S20 (device can be a little bit thicker than original S7)
  6. quite modern design (device could look like S9 and can have bigger screen thanks to it)
  7. modern CPU / RAM / flash (at least 64GB), USB connector (USB-C) and camera module
  8. support for new technologies such like DEX, eSIM and (optionally) 5G on all bands

Device doesn't have to be equal to current "flagship" family and doesn't have to have all features (for example fingerprint reader can be put in the power switch or on back) - we even believe, that it can have a little higher price, when you will promise providing longer security updates.

Low radiation is "must have" feature - if this is not possible to have it from some reasons, please provide table showing maximal SAR in different bands / usage scenarios.

Also please don't remove features, which were very appreciated in original S7 (such like IP68 norm or notification LED)

Samsung, you don't have to change your strategy - this can be something in your portfolio like "cheap" iPhone 9 or "cheap" Pixel (a little worse in some areas than "flagships", but more fitting to some people needs and having these features we mentioned).

Note for users: we will be very grateful, if you could sign it, share it and provide your thoughts to Samsung company.

Note2: There is another petition to Samsung (about selling Snapdragon variants in the Europe): link