Samsung Forcing Users to Upgrade to NEW PHONES

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Samsung has been updating their 3 year old Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, I respect that but they are doing it wrong, by wrong I mean they are intentionally doing it wrong. Updates are suppose to bring new features and security patches but apparently they are taking away features in order to make us buy their new phones. Yes, they are doing it, they have removed several small features before like voice control for alam, I don't know what else they have removed. But their recent update on my Galaxy S6 edge have removed a crucial feature that is  automatic power saving mode. Can you people live without it?apparently I can't. It's one of the most used features on a phone. I usually don't get time to charge my phone at work so I come home with almost dead battery. Automatic power saving mode gave me an additional 2-3 hours of battery life, for me it's a make or Break kind of situation. I bet some of you can relate to that. One of the reasons I bought the Galaxy was because of its features but it looks like my phones becoming Dum after every update.

I was a samsung fanboy since I bought my Galaxy S3 but I can't agree to that anymore. I believe samsung is not slowing down our phones like Apple did but they are definitely taking away the features, even the crucial ones. They have to stop this and make it right. Friends lets make this happen, let them know we care about the features and we want them back. #support__Thankyou.