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Make Samsung produce and release updates for previous generation model flagships

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Samsung and other Android phone manufactures are notorious for lacking in terms of software updates on previous generation devices (and current gen). The most recent example is the Galaxy Note 4.

The Note 4 has a 2.7 GHz CPU and was released in October of 2014. It launched with Kit Kat, a version of android which was already a year old by the time the phone launched, and was upgraded to Lollipop, an update that was released around the time of the Note 4, in spring of 2015. It then got one more update, Marshmallow, an update that was a few months old, in summer of 2016. However, when it was updated both, it was lacking many of the features in flagship devices even if it could support them. For example, the Always-On Display of the Galaxy S7 or the UI changes and lock screen of the S6. Android Nougat was available in August of 2016, when the Note was not even 2 years old. However, Samsung hasn't commented on whether or not the device will receive the update or not. 

I ask that Samsung extend its software support on devices that are considered previous generation. The Note 4 should receive the Nougat update because it can, there is not reason it should not. Unless Samsung is doing this to maximize profits on an older phone and to force people to purchase newer phones to get newer updates. After spending hundreds of dollars on these flagship devices, we believe that we deserve this support on our devices. Also, with the Note 7 incident, those who planned on upgrading from a Note 4 to a 7 cannot. Many are waiting for the Note 8 so it would make sense to release it for those who are using the Note 4 until then. It would improve device performance and make those customers more satisfied about their decision to stick with Samsung and what to expect from the Note 8.

Another example is regional updates. Many devices don't receive updates at the same time around the world which makes sense for rolling out but some never receive it in certain regions. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet got one update everywhere, and the following year it received one all around the world except the US, the largest country and customer base for Samsung. There is no reason it shouldn't get it because the update was produced but not released. We demand that Samsung release updates to all regions around the world in a close enough time period so that no device is left behind. If Samsung sees this they should at least release the 4.4.2 update to the GT-N8013 that was promised to us all almost 3 years ago. It is not fair to those who spent the same amount or more to not get the same updates or treatment.

The Galaxy S6 recently got Nougat (still rolling out) but was lacking many features such as AOD, Performance mode, adjustable screen resolution and many more. We want Samsung to treat updates seriously and add all features to a device if it can support it, especially software changes and UI refreshes. When the Note 4 got Marshmallow the UI stayed the same as it was in Lollipop. When Apple updates their devices the UI changes with the updates and all functions and features the hardware is capable of are added.

Companies like Apple and Google support their devices for 3-4 years with at least 3 updates. Furthermore, all devices receive updates at the same time worldwide regardless of region or device age. Samsung has gotten better at making better updates for their devices but it is not enough. We want Samsung to continue making updates for devices that are at east 2-3 years old such as the Note 4 or possibly the Galaxy S5. They can all handle the update so why not give us what we paid for. Samsung certainly has the resources and we pay more than enough for an extra updates or 2.

In conclusion, we hope that Samsung improves their communication with the customer and increases updates support. Samsung customers are loyal and know that Samsung makes the best phones in the world so why not continue to support them. If Samsung truly wants to compete with Apple they should step up their updates game and hire more developers to produce better updates for any device that can handle it/should get it. We hope Samsung gets this and accepts our requests and produces or releases the updates we want. Samsung needs good publicity especially after the Note 7 fiasco which had us all hesitant. We sincerely hope Samsung considers what was stated and moves forward with its older devices and new ones. 


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