Notification issue on all range of Samsung Galaxy devices

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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least over a year. Its not been resolved by Samsung or google whoever responsible.

Many people are now furious because of this issue affecting random devices with delayed notification and missing everyday to lose their business or important updates via notification. People relay on notification not receiving it on time and sometime missing. (for eg., stock market, Home security, CCTV)

For the problem many people have had contacted Samsung regarding this issue with no sucess. When I contacted them they said we are unaware of this issue and there is no any report for this issue. Its may be settings in your mobile which blocks notification. They had a remote session and unsuccessful. Advised me to send for an repair. They tried many times but same result. Sending device to them and came back as it is. Spending so many days for the repair and at the end replaced with new device. New device has the same problem out of the box. I have contact Samsung again and they have started same procedure with remote connection and not succeed. I told them that this is brand new device and it should be firmware issue. If they can give me details of their developer to contact I can describe the problem. They suggested social media team to contact. When I contacted them they started same thing with remote session. I said its not working and this is brand new device. I even not used it. they suggest me to contact Samsung support by email from their website. Website contact getting an error when tried to submit. Meanwhile someone contacted them and they advised remote session again. So they are moving you round in the loop and no solution provided. Then ask to send for repair etc. for forever.

If remote team not able to solve the problem why they blaming third party app. for the brand new device where its working for other devices for the same phone models. Why any company set their settings which affect notification out of the box. It is not only one app everything on the mobile affected delayed notification.

Now they are suggesting wait for the next patch update may resolve the problem. So it means till then we have a expensive paperweight to use.

At least check on your own blog, reply there and acknowledge the problem. I know your device prices has already dropped because of this problem. People are moving away to the another brands. If this is not resolved by soon no one will buy your devices.

If you reading this please have a look here in the link I provided where so many people have posted their problem and none of them answered by Samsung.

There is no other options for us to highlight this problem as Samsung is totally ignoring it. Please have a look attached picture as example where notifications received next day.