No company should mentally harass its customer even after knowing their fault.

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I bought this Samsung refrigerator RT28K3082S8 from the local dealer EP electronic paradise, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi on 15th april 2017. Almost I after 1 week of use I noticed rotten vegetables in the refrigerator at first I thought this is happening due to stale veges but it happened again. This time I called the customer care and explained my situation to which he told me "manually defrost my refrigerator for 3 hours and then clean it with the lemon water, start your refrigerator and keep it empty for 3 more hours." I did as instructed by customer care executive, but I noticed some kind of black dust inside the refrigerator while cleaning it.

Even after so much hard work, problem remained the same and of course we again filed the complaint. To which service center sent their 2 men in 3 consecutive days(one of them visited my place on 1st and 3rd day and was really ill mannered) and one of them(one who visited on 1st and 3rd day) manipulated us, with the help of his supervisor and the local dealer, to replace one part of the refrigerator in the name of the upgradation like software upgradation in mobiles. The repairing person even threatened me and my mother by saying “lagawana hai to lagao nahi to main chala jaunga” (change it if you want to or else I will leave) when I showed him some rotten vegetables.

I, again, registered the complaint on 18th may and this time customer care told me that senior technician from samsung will visit my place within next 48 hours. But to my disappointment no body came even after 144 hours. So I registered one more complaint on 24th to which Customer Experience Manager of samsung, Mr. Rohit Majumdar, responded and told us that senior technician from samsung will visit our place to look into the matter.

On Saturday, 27th of May, Mr. Haroon, visited my place. He told us that this problem is happening because you have placed cooler and refrigerator in the same room, so refrigerator will absorb air and we cannot put our vegetables in refrigerator or they will get rotten in 1 day, except in the veg box which is too small for all the the vegetables. He took some temperature reading and told his higher authorities that the issue is of high cooling in front of us and ok report to our refrigerator in his office. He tuned the temperature setting to 2 in the refrigerator. Because of which the milk we bought on the next day got spoiled.

On tuesday, 30th of may Mr. Vikar Ahuja came and took some more temperature readings and gave okay report to his office.
On the top of that Mr. Rohit Majumdar called us on 31st and tried manipulating me and my father to repair this brand new refrigerator. My father felt restless after his conversation as he is a patient of hyper tension and I had to rush to his office. Though we allowed him to send the technician to do the temperature setting from the front but we never allowed him to open the back of the refrigerator.

My father got the message from Samsung on same day that repairing person Mr. Vikas (service request no. 4237777645) will come to your place today, even after saying no to further technical visit, but Mr. Haroon came. I showed him the pictures and videos of the Samsung refrigerator of one of our neighbor to tell him how they have placed vegetables in the upper shelf and how there is no moisture on their cool wall even after placing the refrigerator in front of two cooler but still he denied the fact that my refrigerator is faulty and asked me to show him the refrigerator of our neighbor in person. I took him to our neighbors, where they told him that they always keep their vegetables like this in veg box and in upper shelf but Mr. Haroon denied this statement as well and he miss behaved with them. Our neighbor was praising Samsung by saying we did not had any technical issue since we bought this refrigerator and we put our vegetables in our refrigerator like this for 1-2 weeks but Mr. Haroon denied it by saying “you cannot put anything in our Samsung refrigerators for more than 24 hours. You should consume everything from the refrigerator within 24 hours or else it will get rotten.” This thing is not mention anywhere.

Our neighbor is a well reputed diploma holder in electronic and communication and after the repairing person denied all his statements he asked the qualification of the repairing person to which he replied that he is diploma holder from pusa. Then after seeing this kind of behavior and sense of talking our neighbor told us to file a case in consumer forum.

Mr. Haroon took some readings, which were different according to him from readings taken by Mr. Vikas Ahuja on 30/05/2017. He even told my family members to change temperature settings of this box in 10-10 days according to the outside temperature, which is not mentioned anywhere. The kind of behavior and sense of disbelieve in customer shown by the executives and repairing persons is not acceptable from Samsung. You are indirectly telling me and other customers that we are lying. I am disappointed with this behavior and I don’t think that Samsung cares about its customer. Samsung is a well reputed company by this type of callous and cold response after selling its product may adversely spoil its reputation in the open Market. Now Further, I don’t want any repairing visit I want my refund as soon as possible. I have all the evidences of the above mentioned incidents.

Now they are alluring and threating with the extended warranty offer valid for only seven days.
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I am from a middle class family and my father bought this refrigerator on EMI. kindly help us.