New S/Note by Samsung with removable battery, MicroSD, IR blaster and 3.5 mm headphone jac

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These options (Removable Battery, expandable storage and IR Blaster) are really important to have in a smartphone. Here are The Pros of these features

Removable Battery

1)If the phone freezes it's possible to remove and put the battery back in order to have it working again!

2)If the phone runs out of battery, it's easier to put in a new battery in rather than having it to charge.

3)Every battery deteriorates and if it is removable it can benefit the lifespan of the smartphone by using a new one.

4)The battery can also expand and explode. While removable batteries help dealing with the problem; sealed batteries won't be physically stopped from growing, therefore the barrier they encounter can make them explode more easily.

Micro SD

1)When the phone is out of storage users won't need to waste time deleting precious data and they could expand the storage of the phone by putting a micro SD into the phone.

IR Blaster was the feature that made the s4 unique in its field, it was present from 2013 until 2015 when the note 5/7 and s7 didn't have it- Pros:

1)Power users can use it to control their TV, Air Conditioners, Sound Bars etc...

2) Having it on the phone really makes the phones... smart

3) Users can use it during emergencies (Remote control not found or out of battery)

3.5 mm headphone jack

1)You can charge your phone and listen to music via headphone jack simultaneously.

2)You do not reduce the lifespan of the charging port. 

If I lose: All of the conditions written above are up to Samsung

If I win: The phones new S/Note series should come with these features out of the box.

Samsung please make this happen, It's for the benefit of the constumer satisfaction and it's really important to me.

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