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Galaxy S/S8+ - Make Samsung deliver its promotional offer to ALL who pre-ordered!

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I have been a Samsung phone user for a long time now.  I love my Note 5, and decided to pre-order the new Galaxy8+ because I was told if I pre-order, I can receive special offers, including the VR headset and for an additional 99 dollars, I can get a SD card and bluetooth headset.  So I pre-ordered at an AT&T store with the idea that this would be offered.

 Apparently Samsung in very small print nowhere to be found had a very small and limited amount of these for purchase... and are limited in their VR giveaway too.  This is completely garbage and a scam to get people to pre-order their new phone.  It should be available to all who pre-ordered. PERIOD.  EVERYONE.

Now, I pre-ordered the phone and the $99 bundle was available, but I was told that I needed the phone physically in hand in order to take part in the promo.  Apparently the receipt isn't enough proof of purchase - you need their IMEI (the phone's "social security number).  The phone went up for sale on April 21.  I received my phone that I pre-ordered on April 26th.  However, after doing some research I was told that this package was sold out already on April 21.  How was anyone supposed to be able to take advantage of this offer that provoked us to purchase this phone.  SHAME ON THEM!! Some people received their phones on April 20th and was able to sign up to receive this offer.  For everyone else, tough luck says Samsung.  Don't even try contacting their promotions - I called and was told to wait on hold for approx. 2 hours - after the first hour my phone call was disconnected.  I've heard similar stories.

   The Note 7 was a disaster.  But that wasn't Samsung's intent to make that mistake.  This was a scam, and their intent to rip off their loyal customers.  This was a deliberate attempt to get people to pre-order their device thinking that they were getting additional things.  Samsung should be ashamed that they are being so deceiving.  They should make the VR headset and the advertised $99 dollar SD Card and headphone available to ALL people who pre-ordered.  DO THE RIGHT THING SAMSUNG!!!

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