Blackpink concerts in India

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In today's world k-pop is a raising pop culture. Although there are some haters at the same time there are so many lovers. There are so many k pop lovers in India as well, especially BLINKS. We love Blackpink and always hope for them to come to India. So i hope it will come true soon.

If Kia and Samsung India help organize BLACKPINK concerts in India I am sure that there will be so many INDIAN BLINKS who will arrive at the concert. To check up about the number of INDIAN BLINKS you can go to Instagram and Twitter and search for Blackpink India fan page. There are thousands of fans out there.

"I was bored with life and was browsing through the internet to find hot music and I endup seeing Blackpink. I was curious and listened to 1 or 2 songs and loved it . Then I became a huge fan in few days time. I also spread the idea to others and now even some of my friends are BLINKS" , that is a familiar story right, it probably happened with you. Well that was my story. Or you could also be the "my friend suggested me" types. But who cares how you discovered Blackpink , the important part is that you are a BLINK now and you want Blackpink concerts in India as much as I do.

So, BLINKS sign this petition to make our wish come true.