Get Samsung to offer a one time FREE glass sceen repair for S8/S8+ owners

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I am starting this petition because like many s8/s8+ owners, I've finally succumbed to the fragility of my beloved phone. While the design is beautiful and sleek, it is insanely fragile. I was an iPhone owner from the beginning of my smartphone days and the sleek Galaxy s7 is what brought my attention to Samsung. From the moment I switched, I was hooked. The phone was beautiful, light, fast, incredible camera, and the user-friendly features far exceeded that of iPhone, in my opinion. Cue unveiling of the even MORE enticing s8! I loved the s7, never having any problems with the operation of the phone OR the breakability. I always keep a durable (otterbox) case and screen protector on my phones including the s8. So imagine my disappointment when my much loved, very protected s8 dropped for the first time and the screen cracked. I have never had this issue with any other phone I've owned including 2 previous iPhone models. Samsung and its authorized carriers did a poor job warning consumers of the severe fragility of their product. My goal for this petition is to ask Samsung to provide s8/s8+ users one free screen repair on their devices, whether they fix it themselves or provide some sort of credit towards having it fixed elsewhere. We love the phone, we just don't love how easily it breaks. So come on, Samsung. Show your faithful customers some love and make a little restitution for a fatal design flaw.

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