Companies & software creators to check the software and apps for females who have no hair

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I am a 33 year old female and have no hair on my entire body due to suffering with alopecia since the age of 16. 

I purchased the Samsung s9 a few weeks ago and became excited to use the emoji settings on the camera with my son. 

The software did not allow me to be a female emoji as I am bald. But... I placed knitting on my head and it allowed me to set as female. Upon asking another bald female to try, the same issue happened. But my son who has lovely thick hair could select male or female. 

This led me to text a few apps and found the same issue. If you are bald, apps and software automatically assumes you to be male. 

Companies should be made by law to test software on females with no hair before they release software. It is discrimination, humiliating and upsetting to find software assumes that you are male just because you have no hair.