Change recent apps screen on samsung mobile phones

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Derya Yedic
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We used to be able to tap the recent apps button on the navigation bar and see a vertical scroll of the recent apps used. It was very great and a great tool for multitasks and ofcourse reaching quickly into the apps you used.

The best would be if there is an option to choose. Some people do like the horizontal.

Recently the latest update to samsung phones has changed the recent apps screen to only display 1 app at the time. This is beyond ridiculous. They changed a very fine function to a super bad almost unusable feature. 


One might find yourself constantly scrolling to find the app you want to get into last used state and while doing this.. you cant keep count how many apps ago, you cant see how faar you are into the scroll and worst of all.

You switch an app and then want to return to an app last used similar long ago and repeat the whole process again.. and you miss it; oh boy.. now you have to keep scrolling.


Impossible to keep track. No option to change style.. no option to revert to oreo version. Please revert this to the vertical scroll or atleast give us an option to choose which one we would like to use!




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