Android 9.0 Pie

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The recent Android update to Android Pie on Samsung phone is a downgrade not an upgrade. The look and feel has been compromised. It blocky and the crispe Samsung look that we have grown to love has been replaced with a kids like interface. My own Samsung galaxy 9+ no longer looks like a stylish phone that I brought and it appears things have been move for the sake of being moved. Unfortunately there is no way to revert or even adjust back pointless changes as such as the clock position. lower tab bar hiding and colour now as it is always there.. bright..and very white. Simple swiping down to see your notifications from the top bar on the lock screen has change to 3/4 down the page and you have to get it right.

It's been mention in the growing number of hate forums for the update that the best way to channel feedback to Samsung is to use the Samsung Members App. I suggest we take it one step forward and petition for either ability to revert to old style or ability to rollback the update.

This is not a subtle change it is a major UI change and if you are like me and base your purchase on the original UI, I not happy at all with these major changes.

Changes I'd like to see return asap are the stacked view in multitasking instead of just only the cards view currently. Return of the notification view when swiping down from the very top on lock screen the quick tab buttons when swiping down is far too big and consumes the page. Totally unnecessary.


Voice your concerns here and bring back the UI we base our purchase on. Not this child like big icon blocky one. This one right now makes me want to buy an iPhone and I really really hate iPhones.