Take Shark Off Your Menu

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Please Take Shark Off Your Menu

We recently were made aware that you’re restaurant is selling shark. Your buyers may be unaware that consuming shark meat and cartilage are a potential serious health hazard. Due to the fact that sharks are apex predators at the top of the food chain, they tend to bioaccumulate heavy metals and toxins such as mercury, lead and BMAA that have been linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Consumption of mercury even in small quantities can cause damage to the brain, digestive, and immune system. In addition, sharks all over the world have been found to contain dangerously high levels of arsenic, PCB’s, DDT’s, and urea.

You can read more about the health risks of consuming shark products at the following link:

Aside from all of these health risks, the rapid decline of shark populations all over the world is seriously impacting our oceans’ health. Currently over 100 million sharks are killed annually. That’s over 2 per second. Due to the fact that sharks take years to reach maturity and naturally reproduce slowly, it takes a long time for them to recover from heavy fishing pressure. Many species have declined 90-95% in just the past few decades. Scientific studies show that all around the world areas where sharks have been removed there has been a correlating crash in fish stocks and a degradation of the local reefs because sharks are a critical component to maintaining the health of the ocean that we all rely on for the air that we breathe, sustenance, products, and the environment as we know it. Sharks function as the immune system of the ocean, like the white blood cells they combat diseases by picking off dead, weak, or sick animals keeping lower trophic level populations healthy and in balance.

You can learn more about the importance sharks play in all our lives, regardless of where we live by watching the TED talk: “How sharks affect us all,” going to the website http://www.WaterInspired.Org or reading the page on our website https://www.keikoconservation.com/pages/why-are-sharks-important

There is a growing awareness among your customers as well as the general public about the threats sharks are facing and their importance. Eleven states in the US including Hawaii, Washington, California and Texas have banned the sale, possession and trade of shark fin products. Many species of sharks have been recognized as endangered species and given special protections due to their vulnerability by organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the United Nations, and the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES).

On behalf of our over 212,000 members, we would like to request that you please stop selling shark products. Please join the growing list of business that have demonstrated their commitment to the health and future of our community, the ocean, and sustainable practices for the environment by no longer selling shark. Thank you for taking the time to consider this request.

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