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Pay Your Workers

The workers of AdvanFort Company have not been paid since November 15, 2013. December payroll was due on December 15, 2013. Many workers are being and/or have been evicted from their homes due to inability to pay rent. Christmas for AdvanFort Company's families is rendered the saddest time of the year, all because the workers' just wages have not been paid to them. The fact is; men are out at sea protecting the lives of others for no pay right now. Over 100 workers and their families are suffering because of this firm's refusal to pay their wages. And without a single official explanation, let alone a letter of apology from the AdvanFort's owner for the ongoing payroll delays.

This is not the first time AdvanFort Company has been overdue on payroll. In fact, the firm has been late, at least, 12 times in the last 14 months. To exacerbate the matter, the captive crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio has not been paid either. These 35 men have been in an Indian prison since October 18, 2013. Their families have no ability to bring in their lost wages, and now the additional insult of no pay before Christmas is heaped upon them. See the attached link:
The families of AdvanFort Company's workers and friends of the firm's workers are asking for your support to petition Mr. Samir Farajallah to do the right thing and stop holding on to everyone's wages.  

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