Inflation ruins the Essence of Ramadan

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Ramadan is the most favorable and admirable month for all Muslims. This holy month has its own charm and essence. People waits for this fortunate month but, it comes along with the high prices of everyday kitchen items as the rates on all edible things are rise to 20 percent.

Every year just before the arrival of Ramadan, vital sustenance supplies vanish from the market, the lack of all those day-to-day substances purely to rise the values. It is the most laid-back formula of black marketers and dealers to earn profit in this holy month.

The deprived folks keep fast and after opening their fast they endure without food furthermore, there are some people who exists in this country as their inner conscience won’t allowed them to demand for their needs and wants publicly therefore, it is the duty of the state to fulfill the basic and fundamental needs of their each native.

It is a high time, lets join hand together and take stand against  an unnecessary inflation.