Free laundry in Samia buildings!

Free laundry in Samia buildings!

October 1, 2020
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Started by Aim As 1

In this time of economic crisis, coin shortage, and unprecedented unemployment, we rely on essential workers. Many essential workers are renters, able to stay close to where they work to minimise commutes. They keep Boston running and their health affects us all. Samia Companies is one of the largest rental companies in Boston. In one Samia building, every unit has essential workers, many who work in the medical field. It is imperative that they can clean their masks and the rest of their laundry in an efficient and timely manner. 

Many tenants have written to Samia several times over the course of the pandemic asking for free or card-op laundry for our safety. Lynn Mark, Senior Property Manager, even states in an email to one tenant “[our trouble] is certainly not the money. I would be happy to have you do your laundry for free.” Dave Chester, property manager, wrote to another tenant and agreed to give free laundry if they could convince maintenance to make the changes to the machine without his help. 

This pandemic started in March, now in October, despite them wanting to give us free laundry, they do not. Our machines are still a cost, in quarters. It is harder than ever and less convenient to obtain the means of even using the in-building washer and dryer. It’s a risk to our personal safety to make a trip to obtain quarters. In one notable building, they have spent the money to install a wifi camera, disguised as a light sensor, to ensure no tampering is done to the machines and they get every cent. 

Samia received at least a $1 Million dollar PPP relief loan from the government, issued by Radius Bank. The cost of electricity and water for such an endeavour should be more than coverable for the many buildings they own with this giant relief package.

We call for the laundry machines to be made free—a reasonable ask that Samia has the means to fulfil and explicitly stated they want to fulfil. We ask that the community sign our petition in hopes Samia can set an example of what an excellent management company does for its tenants during a crisis and that this situation may help other Boston tenants receive similar aid. 

Please reach us to learn more about this effort and other efforts of the tenants association at You can attend our weekly meetings, every Monday at 6pm to get help dealing with this mega-landlord and to learn more about your rights as a tenant. 

Thank you.

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Signatures: 136Next Goal: 200
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