Same-Sex Marriage and equality in South Korea. (성적 소수자)와 주한 외국인의 차별없는 동등한 권리 보장

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The Petition will be sent to the President of South Korea and the Minister of Justice.

한국은 한국사회에서 중요하게 다뤄지지 않고 흔히 무시당하는 LGBT 공동체(성적 소수자들)를 보호할 필요가 있다.

KOREA is currently facing disturbing treatment of the LGBT Community. Meanwhile, I urge the President and his team to sit down and watch this (

The LGBT community is growing and pay taxes, they should therefore have equal rights.

No more should LGBT people in Korea be at a disadvantage to hetronormative couples, as a couple unit. For example: having children, banking, tax benefits, access to personal information (for example if a partner is hospitalized) and so forth.


Korea needs to protect the LGBT community which often is left on the side, ignored and swept under the carpet. No more should leaders within the Government be able to 'witch-hunt' people for being gay.

Events in 2017


Recent Gay Pride festivals have faced many problems in Korea due to problems with the Police and radical extremists. Interestingly Pride 2017 has the same experience!

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TEL: +82-2-2110-3000

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