BSL bam Breed in Dickinson County

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There has been a BSL BREED BAN. Dickinson County Kansas has had a ban on any “Pitbull” meaning  any dog that possesses the physical traits of Pitbull like bulky body and a square-shaped head. The various number of Pit Bull breeds can be confusing even to experts who are classifying them. They also have any type of Terrier band. Which means that even if you own your home they can serve you papers to have your dog removed. This is becoming and issue in Dickinson county for many reasons. #1 the city rights you a notice the cop delivers it and pretty much tells you that you have so many days to remove YOUR DOGS. This ordinance was made in 1986 or 1987. There are multiple people in Dickinson County who have Terriers or Terrier mixes. These dogs deserve some to fight for them. The name that they have been given and the world petrays them is not fair. They have people scared of them for there looks. It’s not the DOG ITS THE PERSON! With any dog or animal. Help us fight for these babies