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Bullies need to be held accountable on a criminal level for their actions

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I am so exhausted with seeing bullies terrorize their victims to the point that they harm themselves and the bullies are free to just move on to the next victim. This has affected me very personally through myself, family and friends. I'm beyond sick and tired of seeing people I care about fall prey to these thoughtless cowards. I believe these people should be held accountable on a criminal level. I believe there should be a Bullying Offender Registry and the community deserves to know who these people are . Also, I believe that victims should have the right to record on a mobile device each incident they report. Also, I believe that if the authority figure with whom which they placed the complaint fails to follow up and handle it accordingly, that they should be charged with negligence. I believe there should be a national database created in which each report is filed. Also, there should be a confidentiality clause, so that those who truly fear for their lives may report in confidence. And, if this confidentiality is breached and the offender makes any attempts at contact with the victim, whether failed or successful: the person who breached should also receive criminal charges.I fully believe that with a system as such in place, victims will become less afraid to the point where they will no longer be afraid. My hopes are that one day bullying will become but a bad memory.   

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