Boycott Sam Smith and Burna Boy’s new song

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Sam Smith has a new song with Burna Boy and this petition is to shed light on why this is a problem. Burna Boy is one of the most successful musicians from one of the most homophobic countries in the world, Nigeria. Nigeria has an anti-gay law that discriminates against gay people and anybody caught in homosexual act is sentenced to 14 years in prison. Millions of gay Nigerians live in fear for their lives.

Sam Smith is an openly gay man who released a new song with a Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, whose views on gay rights is unknown. We would like Burna Boy to openly declare his views on the rights of gay people in Nigeria. He has a voice to make a change, but like many Nigerian celebrities, he has stayed silent on critical issues such as this. Many of Burna Boy's followers are homophobic Nigerians who hate gay people and would kill gay people if they had the chance. It is time to have that conversation. 

If Sam Smith were an openly gay Nigerian singer, Burna Boy would never collaborate with him. But of course, it is easier to turn a blind eye when you are collaborating with a Grammy award winning international superstar like Sam Smith. There are gay Nigerians like Sam Smith who live in fear and cannot be who they are. Some of us had to flee the country to seek refuge somewhere else. Our voices need to be heard.

So we are calling on Burna Boy to openly declare his views on gay rights that affect the likes of Sam Smith. He also needs to show his support. The gay community is not a tool you can use when it benefits you. It is time to speak up, because silence is betrayal. It is time to stop supporting people who don't support us. So I'm calling for gay people all over the world and our allies to boycott this song and bring attention to this issue.