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Drop the charges against Dr. Joy Laskar

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My husband, Dr. Joy Laskar, could go to jail for doing his job. Joy’s only “crime” was creating innovations that could improve the technology that we use every day, like our smart phones or our laptops. Top officials from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where my husband had a successful and prominent career, had Joy arrested and our home raided. They falsely claimed he was abusing resources. Georgia Tech’s actions were unprecedented, unsubstantiated, and shocked people in Joy’s line of work. My family is taking a stand. We are asking the Attorney General of Georgia to drop the charges and Georgia Tech to restore Joy’s position.

Joy is an expert in microchip design and found success at Georgia Tech. He worked diligently to become a tenured and chaired professor, graduated 41 Ph.D students since 1995, and attracted more than $50 million dollars in funding for research projects. One of Joy’s greatest achievements was as founding director of the Georgia Electronic Design Center, a research hub created to make sure innovations at the university had a positive economic impact in Georgia, and in the nation. The center became a huge success. Unfortunately, its success would be used against Joy.

The Georgia Electronic Design Center encouraged the creation of startups and Joy formed several related to chip design. It was always done through the established policies and guidelines of Georgia Tech. Little did Joy know that while he was successfully doing what Georgia Tech had hired him to do, administrators of several programs were not accurately tracking resources. Instead of addressing the issues through normal university channels, these auditors and university management brought in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) using inaccurate data. Things quickly spiraled out of control.

Soon the GBI was raiding our home and his office and lab at gunpoint, and the university was suspending him illegally without pay. The evidence kept changing and accusations shifting. Joy was arrested and then fired. It became clear Georgia Tech was uncertain how Joy had abused university resources, only claiming to be certain that he had. Joy was only guilty of doing the very job he was hired to do. Colleagues and people involved with high tech innovation from around the country have come to the defense of Joy. Not only have they criticized Georgia Tech’s actions, they blame the university for its inability to understand how its own incubation program worked. Joy has already won two lawsuits which forced the university to return his back pay and to turn over key documents involving the case. It is time the university correct its most egregious mistakes -- claiming he misappropriated funds and firing him.  

Joy’s work at Georgia Tech has shaped the technology we use everyday. He should be applauded, not face a criminal trial. Please stand with my family in asking the Attorney General to drop all charges and Georgia Tech restore my husband to his position. Sign and share our petition today.

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