** END Illegal Street Side Show in San Jose, CA -- PLEASE SIGN

** END Illegal Street Side Show in San Jose, CA -- PLEASE SIGN

August 2, 2020
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Started by Kaveh Forouhi

We, the undersigned people residing within the City of San Jose/ Town of Los Gatos, by signing this Petition, express our respectful demand for the City Council of the City of San Jose to take serious action to considerably and measurably stop the amount of illegal “Street Side Show” that has inundated District 9 for the past three months.

 Three incidents related to street side show and racing occurred on May 29th, July 8th and August 1st, 2020 at the intersection of Los Gatos/Almaden Road and Leigh Ave. Delay in response from San Jose Police Department, refusal to arrest the individuals, and refusal to get engage with violators to stop the sideshow exacerbated the situation at the intersection. We are requesting the City Council to consider following alternatives to resolve the situation:    

1.    More Police officers to patrol the area at night time to discourage such unsafe behaviors.

2.    Monitor the social media accounts to stop the side shows in advance

3.    Due to proximity to the Town of Los Gatos City limit, more collaboration with Town of Los Gatos Police Department might be required for response to similar incidents.

4.    Enforce the City of San Jose ordinance and crack down on violators and spectators. According to the City ordinance, anyone there to watch could face a $1,000 fine, and up to six months in jail.

5.    Install CCTV cameras at the signalized intersection to record videos of the incidents and make arrests accordingly.

6.    Make modifications to geometry of the intersection by installing roundabout or physical barriers to reduce the size of the intersection and eliminate the room for such action.

While the solution to this is epidemic is unknown, we are requesting action from City Council to mitigate this growing problem in an attempt to save innocent lives and avoid property damages.

 We are tired of not feeling safe on the City of San Jose Streets and it is time for the City of San Jose to take increased action on this rampant problem.


 Petition organizer and District 9 resident,

Kaveh Forouhi

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Signatures: 118Next Goal: 200
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