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We want to help homeless veterans across the country, starting in Texas

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After having suffered a small time as a homeless veteran, I learned how bad the system fails our men and women. There are more and more people becoming homeless across the country for what ever reason. But our veterans fought for our rights and freedoms and should have our eternal thanks and gratitude, but they sometimes fall through the cracks and dont get the help they need. Dallas and Collin Counties in the Dallas metroplex had 3,789 homeless last year alone. 1,049 of those were unsheltered and of that number 1 in 3 is a veteran. San Antonio has over 2,000 homeless veterans, and they have a plan to house them, but they need more than just housing and clothes. They need a plan to rebuild their lives. 

The team at We Got Your Six is proposing to open 3 facilities in Texas; Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston to help do just that. They want to purchase 3 properties and turn them in to fully functioning facilities, this will include growing their own food and having the veterans doing the repairs and maintenance, taking care of the livestock, and giving back to the community in a way that helps them feel good about themselves and give them a sense of purpose and duty again. Then while they go through our "life boot camp" we help them rebuild their credit, help build resumes and find jobs, counseling, education, transportation, money management/budgeting, and permanent housing. SO when they leave our program, they have tools and resources to be able to successfully get off the streets and stay off, and a support structure for the rest of their lives because of the bonds they will make in the program. 

This program is based loosely off my personal experiences from being homeless and seeing how tough it was and how the shelters dont work very well. There are more people that have a need than people to help with the need. We will only work with 40-50 at a time and will hire counselors on a 1/5 ratio, so the homeless vets get more direct one on one direction and guidance. 

But, we need the governments help to make this happen. 

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