Dismissal of Mr Anil from SANGAM Hostel in interest of students' secure academic career.

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SANGAM Hostel in Lahore is home to many needful, talented and deserving students who can't afford their educational as well as daily regular expenses. It was initiated by a noble and well known personality Late Dr Manzur Sangam Gill for the sole purpose of helping students get quality education and uplift the marginalized community.

I had been the resident of the same hostel from Sept, 2012 and will always be thankful to God and Dr Gill for this blessing supporting many students like me. I successfully completed my Intermediate and started BS Hons being in that hostel. Like most social welfare organizations this hostel also has rules especially related to academics and due to having low CGPA I was recently asked to leave the hostel which is very understandable and I respectfully obeyed the decision and decided to leave in respect of the policies of SANGAM Hostel. 

About a week ago while in SANGAM Hostel, while packing my luggage to shift to a private hostel, a termination letter (Image of Letter) was handed over to me by Mr. Anil Yousaf, Security Incharge of the hostel. I was deeply distressed by the additional reasons stated in that other than the academic one, which could be noticed through the title of the letter that stated misconduct and not poor academic performance. I believe that all the reasons other than academic performance are not true and the letter was used against me to be disgraceful and expressing personal thoughts (of Mr Anil) regarding me to let me down. Moreover, I was highly disappointed by the unprofessional nature of the letter, depicted through grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, no issuing date, copied signature and without any detail of the issuing organization (formal letter head or stamp) which altogether makes the letter considerably unofficial and not formal.

I am filing this petition against Mr. Anil Yousaf only (not SANGAM Hostel) and the sole reason to put up this matter is to revive the SANGAM Hostel's mission to support students in their academic career and never to be source of discouragement through people like Mr. Anil Yousaf. He has created an environment in the hostel which is not friendly, beneficial, constructive, helpful, peaceful or cooperative, which I believe were the traits of the founder and the same he wanted to incorporate in the students of SANGAM as well.

So, I would request the respected authorities to look into this serious situation as soon as possible and help SANGAM hostel grow in its true spirit by removing Mr Anil from his position so he doesn't play with the lives and academic career of many other students like me anymore.

Please share the petition and help students get education without stress and suffering.