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Quotehunt.co.uk connect businesses with suppliers to ensure small to medium businesses are giving competitive quotes and are not taking advantage of by the big banks when they setup a business. Quotes are provided for business services such as merchant accounts which is needed for a business to take credit card payments. Other services startups need such as a telephone systems or a photocopier for the office is also compared. However we want to focus on merchant accounts and businesses who are looking for a pdq machine. Stand up to the many charges that these services carry with the major banks that eat into a small businesses bottom line.

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Quotehunt.co.uk connects businesses with leading providers to find the right service for your business. We enable you to get comparison quotes on products and services that are essential for your business – helping you save time and money.


We pride ourself in matching your business with the right supplier. Every business is different and we aim to save your business time by ensuring you are connected with the right provider for your business size, industry and needs.


Our service is simple and free to use. Simple fill in our online form and we will get in touch with you and provide you with a 100% free quote from the leading suppliers.