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Letter to
Mayor, City of Portland Oregon Sam Adams
Commissioner of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland Oregon Amanda Fritz
Commissioner of the Portland Parks & Recreation, City of Portland Oregon Nick Fish
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mayor Sam Adams.

End all skateboarding within the city of Portland

Unlike bicycles, Segway human transporters, electric scooters, mopeds, and other vehicles, skateboards are not equipped with even the basic modicum of safety devices such as brakes, steering mechanism, and lights. Whereas bicycles and mopeds are required by state law to be outfitted with such safety devices, no such requirement exists for skateboards. Yet, skateboarders weave themselves through public right-of-way and sidewalks, often putting pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists at risk. The movement of skateboarders is highly unpredictable and often cannot be seen until they are very close to a point of near-collision. Therefore every skateboarder choosing to skate in public roads and sidewalks make highly irresponsible and reckless choices.

Skateboarding subculture also attracts elements of crime and antisocial behaviors, much like motorcycle gangs do. Skateboarding subculture influences our youth in a negative way. Skateboarding is often associated with vandalism, graffitti and other criminal behaviors.

It is time to end this problem and bring safety to our streets by making it a criminal offense under the City Code chapter 14A to manufacture, import, possess, sell, purchase, trade, and use a skateboard within the Portland city limits.