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Remove Hostile and Unprofessional Staff from Store 7 Located in Price, Utah

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Recently, there have been repeated incidents of hostility and unprofessional behavior from the staff of the DABC store in Price, Utah. Not only are they refusing service to certain individuals (which they have a right to do based upon their training) but they are doing so in publically humiliating and demeaning ways that cause distress and harm to their customers. 

Example 1 - They refused to sell to a woman of age with ID because they demanded ID from her 16-year old daughter. The purchase was for the adult members of the household, not for the child. However, if the clerk suspected it was a third-party sale, he could have informed the customer of this quietly, kindly and professionally, rather than accusing her of buying alcohol for her minor daughter in a publically humilating manner.


Example 2 - They refused to sell to a woman who had forgotten her ID upon her return to the store with proper identification, indicating very loudly that she was intoxicated. She was not. She had not yet consumed alcohol on that day. She did, however, argue with the clerk who refused her service. She did not argue with him because he refused service - only because of the rude and hostile manner in which he refused her service. Because she argued with him, the store manager told her that if she came back with her ID, she'd refuse to sell to her for being intoxicated (again, please note that she was not intoxicated or under the influence of any substance.) When she did return, the employees of the store raised their voices to each other across the store, indicating to all customers that she was back, that they'd refused to sell to her, and that she was under the influence. They spoke directly to other customers about the situation, futher demeaning this customer and defaming her character.

Laws to protect individuals from purchasing alcohol for third parties who are not of legal age, and laws requiring IDs are very important. We are not disputing this. However, the manner in which a specific employee named Justin, as well as the behaviors of other employees at the Price, Utah DABC store are inexcuseable from a customer service, professional and even a humane aspect.  

We demand that action be taken, up to and including the termination of their employement, for their lack of respect for the very community that pays their wages. 

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