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Muslims & Mureeds demand the removal of the picture of a Crusader

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We are sorry to say "defamation on top of defamation from" but we have to say the truth. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME from a website claiming to be Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani's (qs) "official website." They have put up a picture of the Crusader and Roman Emperor Frederick II on their website just above the picture of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani (qs) and they have refused to take it down. They refused because of ignorance and arrogance.

Subhan Allah, what a shame! Now some people are putting pictures of Muslims under a Crusader's banner? Over there they insult our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and over here on SALTANAT.ORG they insult our teacher Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and the whole Tariqa Naqshbandiyya Haqqaniyya. The two Horns of shaytan are working to defame Prophet (s) and Mawlana's good name.

Not only was Frederick II's picture put up on but it was put IN THE WEBSITE BANNER ABOVE the picture of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and his suhbas; and this is deeply insulting to Mawlana and to Islam that a leader of the Fifth and the Sixth Crusades against Islam and Muslims is put above Muslims on a website claiming to represent Mawlana's teachings.

Do you know who Frederick II was? Sibt Ibn al-Jawzi the historian said "If he had been a slave he would not have fecthed 200 dirhams." Frederick II delighted in uttering blasphemies. In Europe he was considered the Antichrist, a lying Dajjal. Do you know what he said about Sayyidina Muhammad (s)? We will never repeat it. But it is known to all that he was attacking the great Prophets including Sayyidina Musa, Sayyidina Isa, and Sayyidina Muhammad as being FRAUDS AND DECEIVERS OF MANKIND. Subhan Allah `amma yasifun!!

SHAME and WOE, WOE, WOE to those who attack Awliya Allah, and those who PROMOTE THE ATTACKERS OF ALLAH AND ATTACKERS OF ANBIYA ALLAH! Allah (swt) said: "Whoever shows enmity to a Friend of Mine I DECLARE WAR UPON HIM (Allah will punish them)!"

O amateur webmasters, why are you promoting an enemy of Allah who gathered and sent out thousands of crusaders to kill Muslims in Qudus and Syria and Egypt? And you are not even satisfied to do that, but you also have to put his picture above Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's picture? Truly the Sahaba spoke the truth when they said that nine tenths of fitnah come from the land of Egypt -- meaning as hard as you try to put it down it keeps coming out due to the obstinacy of a tiny minority of ignorant people, although Egypt is also full of Prophets and Awliya. That is why Imam al-Shafi`i had to change his Madhhab when he left Iraq and went to Cairo, after which he said: "We moved to Egypt and we came down for them, down, down, down, until finally they accepted the truth." And he said at that time: "If a hundred `alims opposed me I can easily convince them and beat their opposition; but if a single ignorant person opposes me he will win, because he will never accept truth." And truly Mawlana spoke truth when he looked at certain people around him in Lefke and said: "You come from the land of Fir`awn."

Every Murid of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim should demand from that they TAKE DOWN IMMEDIATELY the picture of that person which they put on the top right of their home page, or they will be considered as sharing in this sin. And we demand an apology from TO EVERY MURID IN NAQSHBANDI TARIQA AND TO EVERY MUSLIM IN GENERAL. This is a campaign for truth and respect for Prophet (s), for Mawlana, and for Islam, and the best struggle is the struggle of the pen so please circulate this and forward it to other readers when you finish.

We had asked them in private to take the picture down before, but they replied that it was a lawful picture, and they hid behind the excuse that Mawlana approves the whole site including graphics, and they even claimed that it represented Dhul-Qarnayn!! But Dhul-Qarnayn was a Muslim ruler while Frederick II was an enemy of Muslims; DO YOU HAVE ANY SENSE? DO NOT PUT ZINDIQS ABOVE SIDDIQS. Dhul-Qarnayn ruled East and West while Frederick II ruled only Jerusalem and Bethlehem; and Dhul-Qarnayn was loved by people as a protector of truth and justice while Frederick II lived for civil war in Europe and tricked people through nifaq, just as he was described by historians to resemble a snake.

People on their Muslim websites put up pictures of the Dome of Holy Prophet (s), pictures of mosques, pictures of Verses of Holy Qur'an, pictures of Awliya; not pictures of Frederick the Crusader! Put, for example, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's picture, and Grandshaykh's picture, and Grandshaykh's Shaykh, so people can see Mawlana's chain and from whom he took. Every Wali is the spiritual son of the Wali that came before and Allah said: "Call them after their fathers!" Why do you not promote THEIR pictures? Not some dajjal and killer of Muslims. We asked them to take it down and they will not take it down, so we are requesting them to take responsibility and do what is right as we are not responsible for what people in the outside world are saying against Mawlana as a consequence. But some self-proclaimed webmasters want to pass nonsense as scholarship and they hide behind a claim that Mawlana approves their website.

Those who are responsible for that website must realize that the outside world and Muslim Ummah and scholars are complaining that unIslamic material is being promoted in the name of Mawlana and we must not accept this from anyone. Yet we find that even in Lefke some people abuse Mawlana's patience and are spreading falsehood, ignorance, and fitnah.

We are observing what they do and we are warning them not to go to Mawlana with distorted and false claims to twist reality in order to produce an edited, tampered, cut-and-paste videotape message from Mawlana which they will then post on to defend their position as it has been done in the past! In any case, we tell you that we cannot accept any picture of a Crusader above Mawlana Shaykh, period. And Allah is the Best Defender - "Truly Allah defends those who believe" - and the Prophet (s) is the best defender. Salam.

This petition is being distributed to a short list. If the picture is not taken down by the end of September 2012 this petition will be distributed to a wider list, and then yet a wider list after that in sha Allah.

Picture as shown on Saltanat as of 25 September 2012:

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