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Salt River Project: No power lines on Pecos Road

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Pecos Road is an important street to our community, it is the main access road for many homes in the neighborhood and many of our homes back to this street. With its close proximity to our homes and families, installing power lines along Pecos Road could negatively impact our community in multiple ways.

1. According to real estate professionals, power lines are undesirable to potential homebuyers, which would make the task of selling a home in this neighborhood more difficult, especially for those who live closest to the lines. It will force us to lower our asking prices and will allow interested buyers to offer less on homes in the area. This can impact the value of every home in the community because every home’s value is reliant upon recent selling prices in the area.

2. The potential health risks involved with living near power lines is extremely controversial. In 1979, the topic became one of public interest and much research has been done since to determine if there is a link between living near power lines and an increased risk of developing diseases such as childhood leukemia, brain tumors and other cancers. When the research first began, significant links were found between these things. However, more recent research has been said not to "prove nor disprove" if there is a connection. Do you feel comfortable living and raising a family in a neighborhood where you may or may not be at a higher risk (and putting your loved ones at a higher risk) for developing very serious medical conditions?

3. There is another option outlined on the newsletter that was sent out by SRP in March 2013 regarding this matter that includes running the lines alongside the 202. There is a canal located there and with this option, more space would be available for the installation of these power lines. This location would allow less homes and families to suffer a direct impact from the addition of the lines.

I hope that you find this information valuable. I have done my research and have turned to reputable sources for all of this information. I hope that you will decide to join me in speaking up to save our neighborhood from these unnecessary and potentially detrimental changes.

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