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Get RaiBlocks Accepted into the Salt Lending Platform!

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Salt Lending is a new lending platform launching in the next few days where you can use your crypto assets as collateral for cash loans.  You deposit cryptocurrency with Salt, Salt deposits cash into your bank account.

This allows you to productively utilize the cash value of your crypto portfolio without 1) selling it off and missing gains and 2) burdening yourself with a tax bill.

At the time of writing, Salt is already #42 on the Coin Market Cap list at a $650 million dollar market cap, and with such a practical use case for crypto investors, it could see huge growth in market cap and visibility in the next couple months.

This is a great opportunity for the RaiBlocks community!  Currently, Salt Lending only accepts Bitcoin as collateral, and a few other of the top 10 market leaders are being discussed.  If we can get RaiBlocks accepted, it will be of immediate value to longterm RaiBlocks holders and will be a huge step towards solidifying RaiBlocks place as a leader in the crypto space.

Lets get RaiBlocks onboarded with Salt!

If you want more information on Salt, YouTubers David Hay and Crypto Investor have great videos on it:


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