Bring Back Baseball

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The State of Utah just moved from Red to Orange and the Salt Lake County Mayor has issued her plans for this phase. These plan do not allow for Youth Sports. They allow for Dining in Restaurants, Swimming in public pools, Going to the gym, shopping... all activities that are indoors and require contact with other people or things other people have touched. Youth Baseball is NOT on that list. Why can 50 people be allowed to swim in a pool (all in the same water, same small area) but we can't allow a youth baseball game that is held outside spread out over an entire field? Many other states that have moved to an "orange phase" have allowed provisions for Youth Baseball for the good of their children.

The numerous leagues in Salt Lake County got together and presented a thorough plan of attack that allowed for social distancing, limited spectators and limited contact with sanitizing right after. They are all taking the health and safety of the players very seriously. The very nature of the game allows for a fair amount of social distancing, with a few modifications it can be played far safer than going to a store, restaurant or the gym.

Over 25,000 youth baseball players will be effected if this ban is not lifted. For many they have practiced for many months leading up to this season. They have been working and practicing independently to be prepared for the season. The one bright spot for them during this horrible time has been the thought of baseball season and now that is being pulled away too. 

The mental health of our youth is very fragile at this time. Covid-19, the quarantine, no school are taking a tremendous toll on the mental health of our youth. We are worried more about getting our hair and nails done than the mental wellbeing of our children. The start of a youth sport that CAN be played following strict health and safety rules, outside would do wonders for thousands of Utah children that have had to endure this difficult time.

The local youth baseball organizations are non-profit leagues that operate solely on the annual fees. These leagues have already paid dues and insurance, bought equipment and uniforms. If the season is to be canceled and refunds given many leagues may not be able to withstand the financial blow and will not be back for another year of baseball.

We implore the Salt Lake County Mayors office along with Salt Lake County Parks and Rec to reconsider the ban on youth baseball. Baseball can be played safely with less risk than many of the other permitted activities. Baseball would help thousands of children cope with this terrible time.


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