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Nearly a year ago, when the D. J. Trump administration assumed office, to the dismay of freedom loving Americans, many refugees of color who've already fled persecution from war-torn authoritarian regimes, find themselves again persecuted in Utah, settled by Mormon pioneers who themselves fled persecution, is ironically, 'the place', where some seeking refuge, are experiencing anything but a "safe haven."

 Instead, many Utah refugees, most of whom are Muslim people of color, are NOT receiving fair court proceedings. That's after first having been targeted, profiled, if not killed and justified by police, like Patrick Harmon was, the Afro-American man shot to death, for not having a city bicycle registration sticker in August. This must stop!

 Also, who would have thought that any American court of law be required to probe into our immigrants'/  status prior to hearing their cases? But, these actions are going on in Salt Lake City. One African refugee who showed up for his recent court hearing in late September, on several petty and harassing charges he received, was given a mandatory Continuance to have his "Immigration status checked," prior to the court deliberating its case, knowing his status, the following month, issues warrants against him. And during the ensuing time since his September hearing, he was cited with, "Smoking." 

We the People, DEMAND that ALL the troubled man's warrants be recalled and ALL his petty charges are dropped because Utah's courts, the State & law enforcement have all partnered in having his blood on their hands, that nearly killed him.

Now, for their conspiracy to commit these acts of persecution against him and equally vulnerable populations, mostly men of dark complexion, and who're likely the descendants of one of the nations on Donald Trump's ongoing narrative against Islam, and people of color, as Utah appears to be emboldened by a presidency seeming to thrive on divisiveness and hate filled rhetoric.

Unless, drastic steps are taken to improve relations with the Muslim refugee & darker race communities, Salt Lake City's newest bid for the Winter Olympics should be DENIED.


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