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According to 2016 Census by Statistics Canada, Filipinos are the largest growing ethnic group in Canada. Every June, Filipinos celebrate its independence day and where Philippine cultural festivities happen across Canada. Our Filipinos have contributed a lot to the Canadian society especially on the sectors of Caregiving where Filipinos are known to be compassionate in caring for Canadian children and the elderly. Our Filipino heritage enriches our diverse community. We are a valuable part of Canadian society hence we deserve a recognition to celebrate our cultural heritage on the month of June.

MP Salma Zahid of Scarborough-Centre has sponsored a motion declaring June as Filipino Heritage Month (M-155) and is slated to be debated in the House of Commons this spring. Let us support this motion declaring June as Filipino Heritage Month all across Canada.

It is about time that Filipino-Canadian is accorded cultural importance by declaring June as Filipino Heritage Month.

Sign this petition and let our collective voice be heard loud and clear.