Petition to lieutenant general Salma Lakhani to stop privatization of Alberta healthcare

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Prior to the 2019 provincial election, Jason Kenney and the UCP promised the people of Alberta that if elected he would not cut and privatize health care in Alberta. A year and a half later, Jason Kenney and the UCP have made it clear that this was a lie, and they never had any intentions of following through on this promise to the people of Alberta. What has followed has been massive cuts to healthcare, and now more recently, the potential introduction of a two-tier system.

The UCP is maliciously sabotaging public health care and purposefully propping up private healthcare to take over. What usually transpires with the privatization of healthcare is a lower standard of care and the exploitation of the sick and injured for profit by corporations. This is an act that blatantly places the profit margins of corporations over the wellbeing of Albertans.

The goal of this petition is to have the Lieutenant General of Alberta, Salma Lakhani, pressure the UCP into having a referendum on whether the people of Alberta want a two-tier system, or to call a snap election and let the voters decide. Jason Kenney has lied to Albertans and is trying to pass legislation without our consent that will permanently affect all Albertans, severely impacting the quality and availability of health care in the province.