Make Buckhead, Atlanta Safe !!!! No More Crimes!!!!

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If you are tired of all the crimes going around in Buckhead, Atlanta.... please sign this petition !!!

We need to let our city councilman know about the importance of safety and more security around Buckhead, Atlanta. This will be presented to the city mayor, city councilman and police dept.

This is a high traffic area with lots of tourists, visitors, shoppers and most importantly the residents.

There has been lots of crimes in every day locations such as Lenox Mall, Target, Kroger and multiple Starbucks locations. This includes thefts of laptops at Starbucks, people getting mugged and robbed while shopping, people robbed at gunpoint, purses being stolen while also being punched in the face, homes getting broken into, cars getting broken into.... and I'm sure many other crimes are being committed.

Enough is enough ! 

We need safety and we need to say NO to CRIMES.

If you want Buckhead Atlanta to be a world class destination and if you take pride in this city... please sign this petition.

We need more security, cops, watch dogs, you name it... Safety is KEY !!!!


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