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Help stop my father's deportation

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My father, and any immigrant like him, deserves better. 

My father has dedicated his life to selflessness. For 22 years I have seen this in action. Whenever someone came to our home, he would not let them leave with an empty stomach. If someone needed clothes, he would offer them whatever he could spare. If he saw someone stranded on the side of the road, he would help to the best of his abilities. If any of you have met him, you will know this to be true.

One day I asked him why he did all these selfless acts. He answered:

"My mother did the same thing: she always helped others. She believed that through her selflessness her children would be able to receive whatever help they may need in the future. So, I decided I would do the same for my own children as well. It's not about ME receiving selfless acts, it's about YOU receiving them."


In May of 2016, my father was involved in a drunk-driving accident in Travis County. He was not issued an immigration detainer for this. He has been going to court for a year trying to rectify the situation and had recently heard from his attorney that the charges would likely be lowered. We were ecstatic. 

Then, on May 26, 2017 he was arrested in Hays County on a false accusation. My father was issued an immigration detainer. His attorney swooped in and saw a way to lift it- send my father back to Travis County where cooperation with ICE is limited. It appeared that his method had worked. But this past Sunday my father called us and said that a detainer had been issued anew. It appears that Travis County is slowly retracting their limited-cooperation stance in order to bend to soon-to-begin SB4. 


 I reach out, now, to Sally Hernandez and other law enforcement, activist, attorneys, lawyers, students, children of immigrants to help my father. Show that undocumented immigrants deserve a more thorough screening process when being issued detainers. 

I plan to send this petition to Travis County's Sheriff Sally Hernandez directly and to hand it to my father's attorney to present at my father's court date. 


All my father has ever wanted was a happy, stable life. He has made these mistakes, but we are all subject to such mistakes. 

Perform a selfless act and sign this petition to show him he is cared about. 

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