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Start providing unemployment deferment for private student loans

I have several student loans through Sallie Mae because I needed to money to complete my MS Degree. At some point I was offered a private student loan. I have completed my MS Degree but I am unable to find unemployment. Sallie Mae DOES NOT offer unemployment deferment for private student loans and requires a $50 payment for a 3-month forbearence. I am currently late on my private loans, Sallie Mae calls my home every day and because I am over 12 days past due I was not being able to obtain the 3-month forbearance. I was told by the representative that it was either to pay or to default. Like many other Americans facing the same situation, we ask Sallie Mae to start offering unemployment deferment on private student loans and to drop the $50 fee for a 3-month forbearance.

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