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When my Wife - Debra was granted Social Security due to her disability she was informed that she could get forgiveness for her student loans since she would not be working. She has contacted them and confirmed she qualifies for debt forgiveness due to her disability; however, her debtors keep 'waffling' about what we need to do to accomplish this.

First they said they needed medical proof from the Doctor who recommended the disability. When we explained to them that there were multiple Doctors involved and that her disability was granted by the Federal Court System they said to send her award letters.  We sent them, but they still continued to call wanting her to pay.  We spoke with them again and they said they needed a letter from Social Security indicating how long she had been disabled and how long they anticipated her being on disability.  We submitted such a letter, but they are still calling several times daily. 

This has been a major stressor for my Wife, as well as myself. I am starting this petition on her behalf in the hopes that we finally can lay all of this to rest once and for all.  Thank You All & God Bless.

Letter to
Sallie Mae & Great Lakes Student Finances
Forgive student loan debt of my disabled Wife. She qualifies for debt forgiveness, but we keep getting told conflicting information on what we need to submit to accomplish this. Please Stop The Calls. Thank You.

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