To get justice for Pauline Morris

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Housing associations are failing tenants, they are placing people in houses that don't meet their criteria. These tenants are threatening those around them and causing catastrophic changes to their victims, some, like my grandma, losing their lives. 

Changes need to be made in regards to anti-social behaviour and the procedures that are currently in place. My grandma begged and pleaded with Salix homes only to be faced with 'make a diary', 'record everything', 'report to the police'. My grandma did this for 4 years running. She reported this to everyone, MP's, Police, Salix homes. Nothing was ever done. Even with an injunction against him in place, the abuse continued. 

My grandma suffered, he would bang on her bedroom window during the night screaming at her to die, on different occasions she was hospitalised with a heart attack and a stroke. The last visit to the hospital was the last time my mum could ever speak to her as she had suffered a stress induced brain aneurysm. In a few weeks, my grandmas bungalow will be empty and that is when the cycle will start again, this time with a new tenant who may face the same torture as my grandma. 

The community my grandma lived in will be forever changed, neighbours are no longer willing to live their with my grandma no longer there, she made a massive impact on their lives on there, she would make everyone feel welcome, on a Friday she would go around to everyone's house and take their order for the chippy and bring them their food. You could not find a more caring and compassionate woman, anyone who met her would say the same. 

This man controlled every aspect of that area. The bin men had to change their route because he would scream and shout abuse at them. The gardeners were not allowed to come around in the mornings because the noise woke him up. The window cleaners faced constant abuse if they turned up early. The postmen would face a tirade of abuse if they came knocking early. The man delivering my grandmas prescriptions would face the same fate. My grandmas gas safety check (a legal requirement) was postponed because of him. He even screamed abuse at the rainbows group that were attending the church behind his home. 

Myself and my sister attended the Salix offices in Eccles the day after my grandma had passed, we were promised a call from the area manager. We got that call, only to be told to 'keep a diary'. In what world would that even achieve? the damage has been done, we lost our matriarch! We lost someone so precious. To them my grandma was just a number. I will fight to get them to remember her name. She will make changes to their system even if it take me years. 

This seems like this is not the first time its happened, its also not the last as some people are still suffering after years of begging and pleading for help from their housing association. 

If my grandma co-habited with this man she would have legal rights, but because it was her next door neighbour he will walk free. All because they had a brick wall dividing them. This law needs to change. Emotional and controlling behaviour doesn't just happen in a relationship, or inside a home, it happens outside, in broad daylight, with witnesses and it being reported. How much more would it have taken?

housing associations have a duty of care and they are failing so many people.