REAL Justice for Stacy Jethroe!

REAL Justice for Stacy Jethroe!

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Stefanie Rabon started this petition to Salisbury Police Department and

On September 5, 2018 Stacy Jethroe left work and was never seen or heard from again. Stacy was found hanged in woods miles from her Salisbury, NC home weeks later and her death was ruled as a suicide.

Few believed this to be true then and even more so now!

Too many facts existed and have emerged that suggests that Stacy was in fact murdered and her body planted and that multiple people may have been involved.

Both Family and Friends have given additional information to the Salisbury Police Department Detectives that SHOULD be followed up on, but they have refused. We believe the investigation if treated with more care, would have yielded different results, and that multiple pieces of information were available then or have emerged that should have been or be followed up on.

WE NEED YOUR HELP but more importantly STACY NEEDS YOUR HELP to have ALL the evidence, factors, persons, and facts thoroughly investigated and followed up on so that Stacy can finally have Justice.


  •             Stacy’s Boyfriend, who resided with her, did not tell ANYONE that she was missing until 2 days later and failed to report it to police until someone else called Salisbury Police Department to report her as a missing person 4 days after her disappearance.
  • ·         The week she went missing, Stacy attempted to break-up and asked her Boyfriend move out, but he refused. He stated to multiple persons that the house and farm were his and he would not leave.
  • ·         Stacy’s Boyfriend was cheating on her in her own home and had impregnated his lover around the time of Stacy’s disappearance.
  • ·         At the crime scene, the front seat of Stacy’s car was adjusted too close for Stacy to have been able to drive it.
  • ·         The lover eventually told a family member “She (Stacy) came home that day and he pumped her full of drugs and booze and held her in the hidden room under the house.” It is unclear if this is Lover’s secondhand account or if she was there.  
  • ·         Cut Zip-Ties were found in the root cellar and selected areas of the wall had been repainted.
  • ·         The same rope found at the crime scene was found tied around Stacy’s bed posts with knots  still tied but the remaining rope had been cut.
  • ·         The owner of the property where Stacy was found was physically on the property two days after she went missing and did not see her or her car, or any evidence that anybody had been there.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!