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Take down your store's signs and change the name.

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Candy attracts children and most lifetime smokers become addicted to tobacco when they are youth. When you start that young, it is hard to quit. Use of tobacco results in the number one cause of disability, disease and death. This results in high healthcare costs and the loss of lives we love.

This business model should be two totally separate entities not entwined. And I will go farther saying, tobacco should be sold in a completely separate area than candy, the two should not be entwined together ever, not when marketed and not when sold. This is because, the marketing of tobacco is manipulated in such a way that mimics candy to create an addicted population of young users on purpose. They, Big Tobacco, know its product causes immediate long-term health consequences. For a retailer to be complicit in this, is unacceptable to me, in the community I want to live in with people and children I care about.

A store name like Salina Tobacco & Candy is from a bygone era when we, as a society, were more ignorant about the issues and business practices surrounding tobacco.

Thank you for your support to better our community - Karaline Rothwell

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