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Salem State University Students Against White Supremacy

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We, the students of Salem State University Against White Supremacy, stand in solidarity with the diverse people of color who make up our student body. Recently, hate speech was graffitied on our baseball field, a symptom of a much larger systemic and cultural climate of racism on campus. We stand today denouncing hate speech, institutionalized racism and micro-aggressions that we have witnessed or personally experienced as members of the Salem State community. We stand today demanding the campus take the most recent event with utmost alarm and insist on a private investigation into this threat against people of color on campus. We stand in solidarity that every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, not only feels safe but feels empowered and represented on campus. We stand today demanding an administration and faculty that reflects the diversity of the student body.

We do not stand with the Salem State University Board of Trustees who elected John Keenan, a white man with minimal experience in higher academia over Anny Morrobel-Sosa, a far more qualified and experienced Dominican born female. Of the boards 10 members, all 7 votes for John Keenan were from the white board members; the remaining 3 votes for Morrobel-Sosa were from non-white members. The faculty of Salem State University overwhelmingly supported Morrobel-Sosa with 71% support, yet the board decided against this in favor of a white male.

We do not stand with the university decision to have Tim Wise, a white man, speak to the campus on racial inequality. The Working Group for Racial Justice decidedly hired a white man who has no lived experience of being a person of color to speak on racism. There are many local leaders of color who are far more qualified to speak on their fight of white supremacy, police brutality and community work as well as use their own personal experience living as a person of color. It is insulting, ignorant and fosters a sense of complacency to have a white male represent the narrative of persons of color and we reject this whitewashed form of “representation”.

We do not stand with a university who has a faculty that is 81% white and a student body that is vastly more diverse. We do not stand with a university that chose a white male president to represent a student body that is 61% female. We do not stand with a university that lacks the integrity to confront racial inequality head on and support students of color with actions, not words alone.

Today we stand united as a diverse student body in support of the people of color on our campus. We will not tolerate hate speech, we will not tolerate racism, and we will not tolerate an administration that is dismissive of people of color on campus.


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