Salem-Keizer School Board Chairperson Marty Heyen Must Resign Immediately

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Salem-Keizer School Board Chairperson Marty Heyen (Zone 2) is clearly unfit to effectively carry out the duties of her elected office.

In a Salem-Keizer School Board meeting on June 23, 2020, after numerous Salem residents expressed their deep concerns about Heyen's alleged ties to the Three Percenter group (as seen in numerous images circulating on social media which include known white supremacists), Chairperson Marty Heyen defended the Three Percenter group as being 'not-racist' via her statement below:

"I'm hoping that, uh, Ronnie is listening who is a very black person and member of the 3%, I'm sure that he will be surprised to find out that he is now a white supremist (sic)…" Video link below (starts at roughly the 1 hour 18-minute mark):

Referring to an African-American person as a 'very black person' is disgusting, and clearly in violation of the Salem-Keizer School Board's 'Board Member Code of Conduct.'

Other examples, videos, and screenshots will no-doubt surface regarding Marty Heyen, however, there's already enough documented to clearly demonstrate that Marty Heyen is not fit to carry out the duties of the position that she was elected to fill.

Young Students of Color in the Salem-Keizer School District deserve better. Unfortunately, Marty Heyen is not up for re-election until 2023, and that is obviously too long to wait to vote her out.

According to Salem-Keizer School Board's 'Process for Addressing Board Member Violations' policy, there are three options for addressing violations such as Marty Heyen's:

1. A conversation in a private setting between the offending member and the board chair or other individual member(s).

2. A discussion in a public meeting between the offending board member and the full board.

3. A public censure of the offending board member.


Clearly all of those options are not viable for this situation, and quite frankly, they are completely insufficient and the policy needs to be revised regardless of Marty Heyen's current situation.

With no viable option to properly address this matter via the Salem-Keizer School Board's published policies, and no election in the near future so that voters can remove Marty Heyen at the ballot box, the only viable solution is for Marty Heyen to resign. Please sign and share this petition to let Marty Heyen know that she needs to resign immediately.

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