Sale of Duty Free Products in Indian Airports in Indian Rupee(INR)

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Duty free products in Indian Airports are priced only in US Dollar($) and not in Indian Rupee(INR). Where as all other international airports abroad has prices displayed in their local currency as well and the cost to buy in their local currency is comparatively lesser.

Indian citizens buying goods in India considering the price in US Dollar($) is unacceptable. Also the price we pay is after conversion to Indian Rupee(INR) at higher conversion rate than the actual rate/value for the day, which will be ~Rs.10 more per $1.  Shockingly, the counters return the change in US Dollar($) only!!!, where as every other international airport return change in their local currency.

Additionally, buying in Indian Rupee(INR) should be cheaper than buying in USD in Indian Airports; where as the practice in Indian airports is the other way around.

For instance, Duty free shops in Dubai International Airport accepts both AED(Dirham) and USD($), but provide change to customers in AED(Dirham) only, even when the customers pay in USD($). Addingly, buying in AED is cheaper is than buying in USD.

Please sign this petition to request the Central Board of Excise and Customs to

1. Introduce prices of duty free products in Indian Rupee(INR) also - both acceptance and return of change.

2. Ensure that the cost to buy in Indian Rupee(INR) is lesser to the actual price than US Dollar($) as the conversion rate in India is applicable for USD and not INR.